Commercial Litigation

A Trial Lawyer First...


Throughout my career, I have successfully prosecuted and defended both jury and non-jury cases in the state and federal courts throughout Florida, and have represented both appellants and appellees. These cases have included:

  • Contract Actions

  • Insurance Coverage Issues

  • Securities & Securities Fraud Litigation

  • Directors & Officers Liabilities

  • Bankruptcy Litigation (objections to dischargeability; lien priorities; equitable subordination)

  • Real Property Disputes

  • Construction Litigation

  • Product Liability Claims

  • Personnel Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

  • Probate Litigation


My approach to litigation is to vigorously and aggressively advocate my clients’ interests, consistent with the highest legal and professional standards, but with a constant awareness and respect for feasibility and practicality.  In litigation, cost-effectiveness must retain a high priority.

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But A Time and A Place for Mediation and Settlement Negotiations...


As a Supreme Court-certified circuit court mediator, I strongly endorse and recommend pursuit of every avenue for voluntary resolution of my clients’ disputes. 


Mediation saves time, money and places the client in control of his or her destiny, with an elimination of the inevitable uncertainties of trial.   Even so, the most favorable settlements are achieved only from a position of strength over one’s opponent.  That position of strength comes only with thorough preparation and knowledge of all relevant facts – and that can be achieved only after some initial litigation. 


Hopefully, the case can then be settled through mediation or negotiation. But if voluntary settlement cannot be realized, there is no loss of time or strategic position, because we are prepared for the eventuality of a trial. 


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