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Kissimmee, Florida

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Throughout my career as a lawyer I have handled hundreds of cases and matters, including jury and non-jury trials and appeals in both state and federal courts.  These have encompassed a wide range of subject matter including:

  • Bankruptcy Cases & Contested Matters 

  • Contract Disputes 

  • Securities & Securities Fraud Litigation 

  • Corporate Officer & Director Liability 

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes 

  • Personal Injury

The amounts in controversy and the verdicts, judgments, and settlement awards have ranged from a few hundred dollars to several million dollars.

I must admit that there is a certain exhilarating rush that comes when a large or important verdict, judgment, or decision has been achieved.  But that feeling pales in comparison to the lasting sense of accomplishment that comes from a career of protecting the rights of those who might not otherwise achieved a just result without my assistance.

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